The Marketing team collaborates with partners and stakeholders across the business to create communication that reflects the mission and values of your company. Above all, they seek to deliver messaging that resonates and build relationships that matter. Your Marketing team connects you with your customers. Speaking in the language of your customers is critical in creating brand engagement and customer retention.

Many organizations and industries engage in marketing efforts in some shape or form. For example, a clothing company might want to launch a new advertising campaign, a consulting company might need to research what motivates shoppers to buy a particular product, or a charitable organization might need someone to orchestrate publicity to raise awareness for a particular cause.

In 2010, the Canadian marketing industry generated $6.98 billion in revenue, a $150 million jump from the 2009 total of $6.83 billion.  The profitability of this industry also grew substantially during this period, with a 11% profit margin in 2010, up from 9% in 2009. This strong growth in the industry has produced a commensurate increase in the salaries and employment opportunities.