The Insurance industry in Canada delivers high-quality service across the board to individuals, businesses and corporations alike.  They provide a variety of different types insurance: Automotive, Property and Casualty, Life, Long Term Disability, Health and Travel, and are solely responsible for one of the largest business segments in the Canadian Market Place.  Canadian companies are well-versed in the needs of the Canadian Consumer and also ensure that high-quality product and service go out to the public on a regular basis.

As they service various clients across Canada, it is important to have Bilingual individuals in all aspects of roles that require a client connection.  You will find everyone from Customer Service Representatives to High Level Claims Adjusters and Underwriters that speak both French and English working within the insurance industry.  Bilingual individuals play a key role in the success and satisfactory delivery of high-quality service within this booming industry.

The industry in Canada is huge, with over $172.5 Billion in total assets (for P & C alone).   The insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar market that will no doubt continue to grow and flourish in our ever-changing world.