The Inside sales department is critical to the generation of revenue and profit to any business. It is the only department that is exclusively revenue-generating. It is the most pro-active form of marketing and customizes the benefits of a product/service offering to the individual customer. The inside sales department gets questions answered, removes concerns, discusses pricing, timelines, and key deliverables.

There are 2 main types of inside sales employees, the hunter and the farmer. Both play critical roles but a blend of each is what many sales departments strive to achieve. The hunter is hungry, eager and strives to expand the reach of the department. Finding new leads, working referrals and cracking new accounts/developing business. The farmer takes care of existing accounts, strengthens relationships with key stakeholders and builds long term bonds/commitments with a focus on repeat business.

Inside sales is a sector with a long, rich history and strong, secure future. Good salespeople are always difficult for businesses to attract and retain. For those who enjoy inside sales, it is very rewarding! The income potential is great, the thrill of the chase can lead to great rewards and it comes down to drive, motivation and the ability to deal with and enjoy dealing with people. Everyone wants to be sold, why not be the person to give them what they want!