Consumer Packaged Goods or C.P.G. for those in the industry, refers to a broad spectrum of manufacturers, sellers, and marketers of physical goods which are generally packaged in some way, shape or form.  These products or physical goods are used by consumers and sold through retailers.

The CPG industry in North America is valued at approximately $2 trillion dollars and is a very competitive industry with fairly large margins and strong balance sheets.  

Recently there has been a shift in the industry to market and sell their products online via E-commerce platforms which have enhanced their overall business structure and has provided a more cost effective and more efficient distribution chain.  

Entering the digital age has enabled CPG companies to provide more value to consumers and drive business.  This has created an even stronger industry backbone which requires employees to adapt accordingly. CPG companies are looking for individuals who have E-commerce and strong customer service experience to deliver good quality service to their end users.