An organization is made up of many different departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing etc. but there is only one department that holds them all together; the Administration team. The administration department is the backbone of the entire organization. They are the individuals who act as the crucial link between departments and allow for the quick and efficient transfer of information from one part of the organization to the other.

Administrators come with various titles, they can be Office Managers, Receptionists, Executive Assistants, Processing Representatives, Administrative Coordinators and so much more. Each role is responsible for performing crucial day-to-day operations that allow the organization to run as fluidly as possible. These tasks usually include answering the phones, maintaining files, scheduling events, project management and ensuring efficiency in office processes and communications.

A great Administrator is one that is proficient in Microsoft Office programs including Excel, Outlook, Word, and Excel. They are proactive thinkers and problem solvers who possess the ability to adapt to a variety of situations. They display great time management and organization skills and make sure your clients are happy with their service. There is no organization that can run seamlessly without the Administration team.