Over the past month and a half I've been recommended numerous positions by Mahdi Jaffar. He never stopped working around the clock to help find me a job in which works best with my availability and resources available (transit, cost, etc.). He helped me recently land a position and I wouldn't have gotten there without him. Thank you Mahdi!

Jeremy T. Avatar
Jeremy T.

Bilingual Source has been a true blessing for me. They have helped me go to interviews and helped me get employed in a department that will later help me get into my field. Thank you so much Ashley for all your help.

Divine K. Avatar
Divine K.

I have been working with Naomi Beaufils from Bilingual source for over 5 years, She has an amazing team very professional and attentive to all details. My experience have been nothing but amazing I really enjoy working with them, they really help you every step of the way .

Thank you guys for everything

Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.

I have always been pleased with the opportunities and recruiters at Bilingual Source over the years whereby I have been searching for employment. In particular, Michael Walsh is one of the recruiters I would like to bring attention to in that he is understanding of the candidates needs. He is polished and professional. He has been hands on during my recent search. I would recommend Bilingual Source to any prospecting employers and candidates. Merci a tous! Vaneeta

Vaneeta M. Avatar
Vaneeta M.

I’ve had a wonderful experience with this agency! They were friendly, effective and quick in offering positions within my area and weren't afraid to offer outside just in case it piqued my interests. They were efficient to see to my needs. I’ve had a great experience with Nicole Nyasha as my agent. Thank you!

Tejaswi M. Avatar
Tejaswi M.

Working with Bilingual Source and Vernon Carbonell was inspiring and motivating throughout my job hunt. He helped me find the right opportunities for my goals and helped me find my current job. The process was easy and professional. I am very happy and excited about this position as it this opportunity provided everything I was looking for for the next step in my career. Thank you very much for your help!

Rachel B. Avatar
Rachel B.

Greg Benadina is great, due to Covid-19 there was not a lot of jobs that I could find and Greg got me a great fulltime job working from home with a large multi-national, I fully recommend them to everybody

Claude H. Avatar
Claude H.

This was my first experience with an agency, I had just moved to Toronto. They helped me fix up my CV and within a day I already had so many interviews scheduled. Their process is so convenient as they help you prep for interviews and also help negotiate your salary (super helpful for those who aren't confident with that aspect of job searching.) Within a few days I had multiple offers and within a week we found a job! Best experience ever.

Nat K. Avatar
Nat K.

When I moved to Toronto I had to get a new job. I contacted Bilingual Source where Mark was assigned to me. He did a fantastic job! In only a few days I got an interview with a well-known company that was aligned with my interests and skills. I felt he wanted to find me a job where I will be fulfilled and that my success was important for him. He has shown great diligence and professionalism in his work. Moreover, he gave me valorous advices. I would recommend Mark and Bilingual Source to any of you without hesitation.

Cyrille J. Avatar
Cyrille J.

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