If you are looking for a change and need some expert help Bilingual Source is the place to help you achieve this. Mahdi was exceptional in helping be get back to work with an great company. Professional, he listened to my concerns, to my wants and needs; he coached me and made me feel worth something again.

Stephanie Avatar

Very thorough preparation and great professionalism. Vernon helped me find a company with a great work culture and competitive salary. He worked very hard to give me all the tools I needed to succeed with the interview and leave a lasting impression. I was able to get the job and have worked for this company for 2 years. Thanks Vernon (:

Shanice Avatar

Mark Payne reached out to me regarding an opportunity that turned out to be a really good fit. He was very professional, and helped me through all of their processes. Not only does Mark have an eagle-eye for potential matches, he is also discrete and knowledgeable. Thanks Mark!

Natalie Avatar

A big thank you to Anita for her prompt assistance in providing me with the correct avenues in finding a job within my career. Her effective communication and catering to my needs and goals are a big asset within the job searching process. It was a pleasure teaming up with her throughout this journey. Her and the company are a much recommended avenue to those requiring assistance in the career hunting process

San Avatar

I had the pleasure to deal with Shane Diamond. He noticed right away that I had used Bilingual Source's resources before, which meant that I didn't have to go through another round of evaluations. We talked about preferred industries and desired salary, and within days, he set me up for a job interview. He gave me essential pointers which were key to my hiring. It's a blessing to interact with competent professionals who use their business acumen to benefit other professionals. It was a great show of trust on either side. Thank you, Shane!

Berangere Avatar

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mahdi for the second time and honestly cannot stress how easily he makes job searches. Very professional and attentive. Highly recommended!

Alexander Avatar

I have been dealing with Greg and he is fantastic! Professional, dedicated to finding you a permanent home. I will always be thankful for all of his help. No matter what I throw at him he never gives up on anyone. He makes you feel valued and appreciated. I would recommend working with Bilingual Source 100%. They are the best agency by far hands down. They make you feel like family. Above all else Greg listens to you and makes sure to understand what your wants and needs are to ultimately pair you with a job that is right for you.

Caro Avatar

I have been working with Naomi Beaufils from Bilingual source for over 5 years, She has an amazing team very professional and attentive to all details. My experience have been nothing but amazing I really enjoy working with them, they really help you every step of the way .

Thank you guys for everything

Chris Avatar

I had unbelievable and wonderful experience. I found my first job in Canada through Bilingual Source. May God bless the staff (Thanks Jason especially). Let you know that you are the best example for service givers.

fr Avatar

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