Mr. Geoffrey Vanhove is absolutely an exceptional representative. Met with kindness, understanding and coaching that helped me present myself confidently, I very highly recommend his assistance on job search ventures. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Geoffrey so very much for all of your hard work and kindness. You are a great asset to any company.

Charan S. Avatar
Charan S.

I would recommend Bilingual Source to anyone who is looking to work in a bilingual position, especially if you are new to job searching, this service is such a great help and puts you at ease. I had Mark Payne as a recruiter and I would definitely recommend him. He did a lot to help me land a position and he was very motivational and pushed me to see my fullest potential. Big thumbs up!

Shannon M. Avatar
Shannon M.

Ashley Busse was amazing at helping me find my next step in my career. I am so thankful for her dedication and commitment to my success!! I'm finally in a position where I can learn and grow with some truly talented and forward-thinking individuals. Opportunities abound! Thanks to you, Ashley!

Tanya B. Avatar
Tanya B.

When you first walk in to Bilingual Source and are greeted you immediately feel welcomed. Everyone you run into is professional and courteous. Mahdi was my representative and was very attentive and genuinely interested in assisting me find exactly what I was looking for. Mahdi always kept in touch and ensured I was kept in the loop throughout the whole interview and hiring process. He works with professionalism and is truly dedicated to finding the right fit for a candidate. I would most definitely refer anyone looking for work or to make a career change to Mahdi/Bilingual Source

Chafica G. Avatar
Chafica G.

I had a wonderful experience working with Ashley at Bilingual Source. Ashley presented me with amazing opportunities at companies that aligned with my career goals and personal values. I ended up getting a role in my dream job working for an organization I truly felt connected to. Ashley helped me feel prepared and supported throughout the entire process and I am extremely grateful to have worked with her and the rest of the team at Bilingual Source. Thank you!

Lauren A. Avatar
Lauren A.

I have had the pleasure of working with Aurore Nicolet. Aurore has supported me every step of the way, with many invitations to job interviews, helpful tips and friendly debriefing. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with such an outstanding recruiter.

Elena L. Avatar
Elena L.

A couple months ago I was looking for a job in the PR field, a very competitive field, so just like anyone I would search daily online for job ads and send out my resume. One day I received an email from Mark Payne, Supervisor at Bilingual Source. He nicely emailed me letting me know that the position I had applied for was unfortunately already filled however he was more than happy to help me find a job in my field. A week later, I found myself at his office at Bilingual Source where we chatted about my career goals. Right away, Mark had a friendly and easy going approach which made me feel comfortable and positive he would help me find the perfect job. Although that was the only time him and I met face to face, Mark would email or call me 3-4 times a week to check in and let me know of any positions that he thinks would be good fit for me. Fast forward a few weeks later, Mark set up an interview at one of the best firms in Toronto and prepped me for my interview - which landed me the job! I can’t thank him enough, and his hard work to help me find my dream job won’t be forgotten. I will definitely recommend him and Bilingual Source to anyone. He truly gives his all and it really shows how much he cares about his work and his clients like myself. Thank you, Mark!

Jihane E. Avatar
Jihane E.

I was in contact with a lady from bilingual source. She did an interview with me and she gave me a list of jobs that are related to my resume. She promised me a lot of job interviews, after pulling out 2-3 pages of jobs that she had in mind, but I was very disappointed because she never got back to me for months. She was hard to communicate with and as a student who is graduating in June 2019, I lost hope. I pretty much didn’t see a bright future for myself anymore.

However, Mark Payne then came to my rescue unexpectedly. I didn’t know who he was, I never heard about him before at that point. Mark was very friendly when he introduced himself to me on the phone, even on email. You can tell how genuine he is. It was really nice to know that he reviewed my resume thoroughly and he actually looked through all of my previous jobs, one by one. He noticed that I was working for a certain company and he called to see if I’m still interested in applying for a job related to the same industry that I have experience in. After my approval, he booked an appointment for me at an amazing company that I currently work at and I could never thank him enough. I highly recommend contacting Mark Payne for any bilinguals who are looking for jobs. Mark my words, Mark Payne will not disappoint you as long as you work together with him as a team and you can honestly reach out to him at any time and he’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. He’s always willing to take any steps to help those who genuinely want a job. Mark Payne is indeed the best!

U S. Avatar
U S.

A big thank you to Anita for her prompt assistance in providing me with the correct avenues in finding a job within my career. Her effective communication and catering to my needs and goals are a big asset within the job searching process. It was a pleasure teaming up with her throughout this journey. Her and the company are a much recommended avenue to those requiring assistance in the career hunting process

San P. Avatar
San P.

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