I met Ashley for an introduction interview and it didn’t feel like it was an interview. It was a pleasant conversation getting to know each other. I went for my first interview the next Monday - 3 days later - and received a job offer.

I would recommend all my bilingual friends to contact Ashley when times comes for new opportunities.

Sandy D. Avatar
Sandy D.
14 Mar 2019

Very professional organization and staff at Bilingual Source. They have strong relationships with lots of renowned corporations and Bilingual Source can easily assist you with job opportunities that are catered to your needs. I have enjoyed working with Yanique, and highly recommend him. He went above and beyond to assist me, he genuinely cares about his clients and follows up with them to make sure they are doing well and growing.

Mohamed M. Avatar
Mohamed M.
16 Mar 2019

I had an amazing experience with Bilingual Source! Very professional people that had my best interest at heart. I would recommend this agency to any bilingual professional looking to advance their career.

Anne G. Avatar
Anne G.
14 Mar 2019

Mahdi Jaffar is one of the best recruiters I know. He reaches out to me every so often just to be sure I'm happy and good in my career and if I need any help or changes in the career domain that he's there to help. This has been something he's done for me going on 5+ years. He is the guy to talk to if you're looking for a new job!!!! Thanks Mahdi!!!

Amanda S. Avatar
Amanda S.
19 Mar 2019

I was in contact with a lady from bilingual source. She did an interview with me and she gave me a list of jobs that are related to my resume. She promised me a lot of job interviews, after pulling out 2-3 pages of jobs that she had in mind, but I was very disappointed because she never got back to me for months. She was hard to communicate with and as a student who is graduating in June 2019, I lost hope. I pretty much didn’t see a bright future for myself anymore.

However, Mark Payne then came to my rescue unexpectedly. I didn’t know who he was, I never heard about him before at that point. Mark was very friendly when he introduced himself to me on the phone, even on email. You can tell how genuine he is. It was really nice to know that he reviewed my resume thoroughly and he actually looked through all of my previous jobs, one by one. He noticed that I was working for a certain company and he called to see if I’m still interested in applying for a job related to the same industry that I have experience in. After my approval, he booked an appointment for me at an amazing company that I currently work at and I could never thank him enough. I highly recommend contacting Mark Payne for any bilinguals who are looking for jobs. Mark my words, Mark Payne will not disappoint you as long as you work together with him as a team and you can honestly reach out to him at any time and he’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. He’s always willing to take any steps to help those who genuinely want a job. Mark Payne is indeed the best!

U S. Avatar
U S.
11 May 2019

I have always been pleased with the opportunities and recruiters at Bilingual Source over the years whereby I have been searching for employment. In particular, Michael Walsh is one of the recruiters I would like to bring attention to in that he is understanding of the candidates needs. He is polished and professional. He has been hands on during my recent search. I would recommend Bilingual Source to any prospecting employers and candidates. Merci a tous! Vaneeta

Vaneeta M. Avatar
Vaneeta M.
14 Mar 2019

Bilingual Source has been a true blessing for me. They have helped me go to interviews and helped me get employed in a department that will later help me get into my field. Thank you so much Ashley for all your help.

Divine K. Avatar
Divine K.
28 Mar 2019

A couple months ago I was looking for a job in the PR field, a very competitive field, so just like anyone I would search daily online for job ads and send out my resume. One day I received an email from Mark Payne, Supervisor at Bilingual Source. He nicely emailed me letting me know that the position I had applied for was unfortunately already filled however he was more than happy to help me find a job in my field. A week later, I found myself at his office at Bilingual Source where we chatted about my career goals. Right away, Mark had a friendly and easy going approach which made me feel comfortable and positive he would help me find the perfect job. Although that was the only time him and I met face to face, Mark would email or call me 3-4 times a week to check in and let me know of any positions that he thinks would be good fit for me. Fast forward a few weeks later, Mark set up an interview at one of the best firms in Toronto and prepped me for my interview - which landed me the job! I can’t thank him enough, and his hard work to help me find my dream job won’t be forgotten. I will definitely recommend him and Bilingual Source to anyone. He truly gives his all and it really shows how much he cares about his work and his clients like myself. Thank you, Mark!

Jihane E. Avatar
Jihane E.
27 May 2019

I met Mahdi when I first graduated from university few years ago, that time I had no idea what I wanted to do. He used his time to help me find the a good place to land to. He would think for the candidate and the client, helped both sides to find the best match, unlike the other firms I tried before who only care about completing the deal and give pressure on signing the offer. I was able to learn and get promoted in the first placement. After few years due to some unexpected reasons I needed to go back on the job search, Mahdi is always here to help. Although other headhunters have reached out to me but after comparing the service I still find Mahdi is the best recruiter I can trust.

Joyce L. Avatar
Joyce L.
25 Mar 2019

Yanique at Bilingual Source went above and beyond to help me find the right job. He took the time to listen to what I wanted, and I was grateful that I was only sent to interviews for opportunities that I was truly qualified for - not simply because I am bilingual. Thank you Yanique and everyone else at Bilingual Source!

Norm A. Avatar
Norm A.
14 Mar 2019

Great place and great staff. John was supportive in every aspect. Aside from helping me get the job that I wanted he also gave tips on how to really ace an interview and make the best out of every situation.

Gayane G. Avatar
Gayane G.
13 Mar 2019

Greg was a model for a keen professional eager to help even when my specialty was out of his league. He took the time to review my profile and gave me the most specific and sound advice I received thus far. His door was open when I got my job and every advice he gave was spot-on. As a newcomer to Canada, I failed to see the subtle nuances of employment and he had that experience to guide through those. Really grateful Greg and best of luck with the great job you do.

Mary S. Avatar
Mary S.
19 Mar 2019

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