I recommend Mark Payne and Bilingual Source. He help me find a job fast and did help guide all the way from the first step to the last! He is very attentive. He also update super quick when he get any update. I am more than satisfied!

Sakhoun Avatar

I had a wonderful experience working with Ashley at Bilingual Source. Ashley presented me with amazing opportunities at companies that aligned with my career goals and personal values. I ended up getting a role in my dream job working for an organization I truly felt connected to. Ashley helped me feel prepared and supported throughout the entire process and I am extremely grateful to have worked with her and the rest of the team at Bilingual Source. Thank you!

Lauren Avatar

Great experience. Bilingual source helped me find exactly what I was looking for and provided me with the tools to ace the interview. Very responsive and helpful.

Veronica Avatar

I had the pleasure of working with Henry Alberto at Bilingual Source.

I came to Henry looking for a job and as soon as I met him in the office he already had a few job postings that fit what I was looking for!

He would always give me tips and hints the day before each interview to prepare me and help ease the nerves.

Henry did his absolute best to find bilingual job postings that fit where I wanted to head with my career and never pushed me to do an interview I didn't want or wasn't interested in.

I cannot recommend Henry enough, his professionalism and friendliness turned my job search experience pleasurable and exciting!

Ismail Avatar

I just came to Canada on dec 2019 and I had a really very good experience with Bilingual sources, Shortly after I submitted my resume I have been contacted by Naomi beaufils who have great skills and did a great job to find an opportunity quickly and trained me with all the necessary to pass my interview with the company where I work today.

Naomi is very professional and we keep in touch till today even after I got my job and she is following with me from time to time to see if everything is good.

Thank you Naomi and it was a pleasure to deal with you

Chahinaz Avatar

I have worked with other agencies and I can say with confidence Bilingual Source stands out. I had the pleasure of working with Vernon Carbonell and he took the time to listen to my career goals and found a position that suited me. He was very responsive and communicative throughout the whole process.

I would highly recommend using Bilingual Source as they don’t try to fit you in a position that isn’t right for you. Overall, one of the best experiences I’ve had with a placement agency!

Céline Avatar

I was in contact with a lady from bilingual source. She did an interview with me and she gave me a list of jobs that are related to my resume. She promised me a lot of job interviews, after pulling out 2-3 pages of jobs that she had in mind, but I was very disappointed because she never got back to me for months. She was hard to communicate with and as a student who is graduating in June 2019, I lost hope. I pretty much didn’t see a bright future for myself anymore.

However, Mark Payne then came to my rescue unexpectedly. I didn’t know who he was, I never heard about him before at that point. Mark was very friendly when he introduced himself to me on the phone, even on email. You can tell how genuine he is. It was really nice to know that he reviewed my resume thoroughly and he actually looked through all of my previous jobs, one by one. He noticed that I was working for a certain company and he called to see if I’m still interested in applying for a job related to the same industry that I have experience in. After my approval, he booked an appointment for me at an amazing company that I currently work at and I could never thank him enough. I highly recommend contacting Mark Payne for any bilinguals who are looking for jobs. Mark my words, Mark Payne will not disappoint you as long as you work together with him as a team and you can honestly reach out to him at any time and he’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. He’s always willing to take any steps to help those who genuinely want a job. Mark Payne is indeed the best!

U Avatar

I had the pleasure of working with Greg Benadiba. Greg took the time to learn about who I was as a job seeker and paired me with a position I am beyond thrilled to begin in the next 2 weeks. Greg advocated and negotiated on my behalf and did an excellent job being the “middle man.” He alleviated all the pressure and anxiety that comes with finding a job and, for my new place of work, filling a position. I could not recommend Greg’s services enough.

Elijah Avatar

I highly recommend Bilingual Source. I had the pleasure to work with Mark Payne, who helped me find the right fit within a matter of days. He is professional, supportive and very friendly!

Sarita Avatar

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