Mahdi has been very responsive and helpful since I connected with Bilingual Source. I am delighted to have worked with him and is a great recruiter that helped me land a job. Mahdi is very professional and connects with candidates on a deep level to know exactly what they are looking for. He listened to my criteria related to the position I was looking for and was always keeping in touch with me during the hiring process.

When I was finally hired I felt he was genuinely happy and proud of me . I could not have asked for a better person to present me to a potential employer. I highly recommend Mahdi Jaffar to anyone seeking a new position, you will not be disappointed.

Sameerah Avatar

Friendly and helpful staff that do all they can to put you to work asap. Mark Payne is simply fantastic. I enjoyed his fast respond time to my emails and overall customer service. He helped me with a job within a week. Keep it up!

Karim Avatar

I’ve never had such a positive experience with an agency, if you look up fantastic in the dictionary you’ll find Bilingual Source under the definition. I would like to particularly highlight Vernon Carbonel, who in my opinion is the gold standard! From day one, he was so prompt in arranging a meeting with me in order to get a feel of who I was and what I was looking for and how those characteristics aligned with the opportunities in their arsenal. He is so personable, passionate and puts in the highest level of effort and attention into your job search. He is incredibly responsive and keeps you updated on every part of the process. I literally looked forward to every single call, he’s so fun and his energy is contagious. His knowledge of the job market is unmatched and he genuinely cares about finding you a job where you will be valued. I hadn’t even begun my search properly yet but Vernon found me and helped me find and secure a new exciting role in under 3 weeks, all steps included. When faced with any complex issues, Vernon and Greg demonstrated sound conflict resolution abilities and support which was greatly appreciated. Everything was a breeze with their assistance. Ultimately, 10/10 across the board. Do yourself a favour and don’t hesitate to reach out. Best believe everyone I know looking for a job is getting referred to Vernon. Grateful to have connected with him and the team! Stay golden!

Cassandra Avatar

My Experience with Bilingual Source was amazing. Specifically with Vernon. I let him know exactly what I was looking for and within 2 weeks I had a new job. He made sure I was well informed and prepared for each interview and kept me posted on post interview information. I landed somewhere that pays well and promotes growth within the company. Vernon's will definitely be mentioned to anyone I know looking for a job.

Mitchell Avatar

Michael Walsh is a force of nature. Having applied to Bilingual Source has been one of the best decisions in creating working relationships I could have hoped to make. He is attentive, dynamic, detail-oriented and incredibly helpful. Always ready to answer a call, an email, or a query. I could not have asked for a better introduction to recruitment, and bilingual opportunity as a whole.

Genevieve Avatar

When I moved to Toronto I had to get a new job. I contacted Bilingual Source where Mark was assigned to me. He did a fantastic job! In only a few days I got an interview with a well-known company that was aligned with my interests and skills. I felt he wanted to find me a job where I will be fulfilled and that my success was important for him. He has shown great diligence and professionalism in his work. Moreover, he gave me valorous advices. I would recommend Mark and Bilingual Source to any of you without hesitation.

Cyrille Avatar

A big thank you to Anita for her prompt assistance in providing me with the correct avenues in finding a job within my career. Her effective communication and catering to my needs and goals are a big asset within the job searching process. It was a pleasure teaming up with her throughout this journey. Her and the company are a much recommended avenue to those requiring assistance in the career hunting process

San Avatar

I have been in contact with Bilingual Source for almost 8 years now and I have had a 100% success rate with them in 2 job placements. My go to with them was always Mahdi Jaffar, I cannot express enough how awesome he is to deal with. He is now vice president for a reason but his peers Mark and Vernon that I dealt with during Mahdi's time off were very professional as well.

He has always gone above and beyond to ensure that I get exactly the job that I am looking for. With my current placement, Mahdi has found me a position that I never thought I would do again due to specific circumstances going on in my life and of course due to the way the world has been lately. The process was quick but thorough and has lead me to a job position that I have great experience in.

I would like to thank the team at Bilingual Source for all of your help over the years!

Jim Avatar

As a recent graduate I was struggling to find a position in the changing pandemic landscape. Once I was connected with Bilingual Source I was helped by Mark Payne. His professional and friendly manner put me at ease and got me several interviews before I was offered my current position. Mark also offered coaching with interview prep, called to receive and give feedback and was supportive through every step of the way. I am extremely grateful and pleased that I was able to work with him and the company. Thank you!

Angie Avatar

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