Mahdi Jaffar provided me with great assistance while I was looking for work. He answered all my questions with patience. He listened to my criteria related to the position I was looking for. Even after I got a position through Bilingual Source, he followed up to make sure I was happy 🙂

Marlena D. Avatar
Marlena D.

Mark Payne from Bilingual Source was the first recruiter I worked with, and he really set the bar. I had a fantastic time during all my interactions with him. Mark is professional, easy to talk to and really cares about placing people in companies and fields that they will like.

It's been over a year since Mark placed me and he still follows up to see how things are. I'm very fortunate and happy to have worked with him and would recommend Mark/Bilingual Source to anyone.

Thank you again Mark and keep up the great work!

Josh C. Avatar
Josh C.

I had a wonderful experience working with Ashley at Bilingual Source. Ashley presented me with amazing opportunities at companies that aligned with my career goals and personal values. I ended up getting a role in my dream job working for an organization I truly felt connected to. Ashley helped me feel prepared and supported throughout the entire process and I am extremely grateful to have worked with her and the rest of the team at Bilingual Source. Thank you!

Lauren A. Avatar
Lauren A.

I have worked with Bilingual Source on a few occasions. Although the past experiences had been satisfactory nothing compared to the excellent work done by one of their newest recruits Michael Walsh. Michael contacted me with a job opportunity that met all my criteria’s to perfection. He was beyond helpful, I never had to chase him for answers to my questions. He was always keeping in touch with me during the hiring process. I have never felt so supported by a recruiter. When I finally was hired I felt he was genuinely happy and proud for me . I could not have asked for a better person to present me to a potential employer. I highly recommend Michael Walsh to anyone seeking a new position, you will not be disappointed.

Marie E. Avatar
Marie E.

I would recommend Bilingual Source to anyone who is looking to work in a bilingual position, especially if you are new to job searching, this service is such a great help and puts you at ease. I had Mark Payne as a recruiter and I would definitely recommend him. He did a lot to help me land a position and he was very motivational and pushed me to see my fullest potential. Big thumbs up!

Shannon M. Avatar
Shannon M.

This agency is amazing. I have only been working with them. Would highly recommend Mahdi Jaffar I have been working with him for over 3 years. He has helped through all my jobs. He’s attentive, honest, gives perfect advice, he is easy to talk to and knows how to make you comfortable; when I talk with him I do not hold back. Looking forward to my next opportunity through Mahdi.

Christine M. Avatar
Christine M.

A big thank you to Anita for her prompt assistance in providing me with the correct avenues in finding a job within my career. Her effective communication and catering to my needs and goals are a big asset within the job searching process. It was a pleasure teaming up with her throughout this journey. Her and the company are a much recommended avenue to those requiring assistance in the career hunting process

San P. Avatar
San P.

During my job search, I was working with different agencies and none compared to Bilingual Source. I had the pleasure to have Cassidy Powell who went above and beyond to ensure I landed my new job. I worked with him for 2 months and I have spoken with him more than anyone during that time. His work ethics and positive energy proves his dedication to helping people to find success. Cassidy is on target to be the next leading recruiter in the field.

If that wasn't enough, Mahdi (VP) and Greg (President) have both played an important role to help me focus my search and clinch the golden opportunity. Not many recruiting agencies have top executives who are truly implicated to ensure that job seekers and employers are satisfied.

Bilingual Source truly treats each client like family.

I highly recommend Bilingual Source to anyone looking for work.

Mathieu G. Avatar
Mathieu G.

I was contacted by Michael Walsh of Bilingual Source. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was invited to meet him at the St. Clair West offices. Once again, he was very professional in his dealings with me. We immediately made a connection and I felt that he was sincere when he assured me he was looking forward to working with me to find employment.

I look forward to working with Michael on a more regular basis and feel confident that he will be of great help to me in my search for a new, interesting and exciting job! Keep up the good work Michael!!

Louisa G. Avatar
Louisa G.

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