Such an amazing staff. Mahdi helped me to start my career after I graduated from college by helping me get a job as a Web Administrator for one of the top security company in North America. I worked for the company for 5 years and moved on to other things; however, Mahdi kept in touch with me and kept following up with me to check-in. I Highly recommend using Bilingual Source if you're looking for quality bilingual work.

Thierry Avatar

I have been working with Naomi Beaufils from Bilingual source for over 5 years, She has an amazing team very professional and attentive to all details. My experience have been nothing but amazing I really enjoy working with them, they really help you every step of the way .

Thank you guys for everything

Chris Avatar

I had the pleasure to deal with Shane Diamond. He noticed right away that I had used Bilingual Source's resources before, which meant that I didn't have to go through another round of evaluations. We talked about preferred industries and desired salary, and within days, he set me up for a job interview. He gave me essential pointers which were key to my hiring. It's a blessing to interact with competent professionals who use their business acumen to benefit other professionals. It was a great show of trust on either side. Thank you, Shane!

Berangere Avatar

Mark Payne, Manager, Recruitment and Business Development, reached out to me at the beginning of the pandemic and has helped me time after time in finding the perfect job in my field. Despite a few turn downs, his persistence and positivity helped me land a satisfying job close to home with a great salary. Thank you for all your help, Mark!

Cécile Avatar

My experience with Bilingual Source have been the smoothest and easiest job hunting experience I ever had. Not only did they approached me to help me find a better job, but Anis been a tremendous help and support. I was able to obtain a job offer on my very first interview thanks to her advices and pointers. Will definitely use their service again to further climb the latter in my career path. 10/10

Bruno Avatar

I would recommend Bilingual Source to anyone who is looking for a Bilingual Opportunity. I was contacted by John Andrade who interviewed me and soon after, he found me a position I was interested in. John is very knowledgeable and will ensure to find you what you are looking for. I was impressed by how reliable he is as well. I remember having an interview with a big company and realized the day before that there will be a snowstorm. John called me to let me know to ensure that I get to my interview on time. John is also very quick at responding to e-mails.

Rehana Avatar

This job search was seamless and all thanks to my amazing experience with Jason Dunn. I was in one day to meet with Jason, and the next day, I had an interview and got a job in my field! Such an easy process and literally could not have gone better. I highly recommend using these services and getting in contact with Jason Dunn.

Brielle Avatar

My experience working with Bilingual Source is amazing. Greg is very professional and connects with candidates on a deep level to know exactly what they are looking for. Not only was Greg able to find for me a great career opportunity that aligns with my aspirations, values and purpose but he also coached me along the way. I would recommend Greg to any company looking for a recruitment agency to help them find the rare talent and equally to candidates looking for the right career move.

Mai Avatar

Mahdi has been very responsive and helpful since I connected with Bilingual Source. I am delighted to have worked with him and is a great recruiter that helped me land a job. Mahdi is very professional and connects with candidates on a deep level to know exactly what they are looking for. He listened to my criteria related to the position I was looking for and was always keeping in touch with me during the hiring process.

When I was finally hired I felt he was genuinely happy and proud of me . I could not have asked for a better person to present me to a potential employer. I highly recommend Mahdi Jaffar to anyone seeking a new position, you will not be disappointed.

Sameerah Avatar

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