I have worked with Bilingual Source on a few occasions. Although the past experiences had been satisfactory nothing compared to the excellent work done by one of their newest recruits Michael Walsh. Michael contacted me with a job opportunity that met all my criteria’s to perfection. He was beyond helpful, I never had to chase him for answers to my questions. He was always keeping in touch with me during the hiring process. I have never felt so supported by a recruiter. When I finally was hired I felt he was genuinely happy and proud for me . I could not have asked for a better person to present me to a potential employer. I highly recommend Michael Walsh to anyone seeking a new position, you will not be disappointed.

Marie E. Avatar
Marie E.

I had a great experience at bilingual source. Anais was extremely helpful and patient with me throughout the whole process. She was always on top of everything and is truly good at what she does. I highly recommend this place to those searching for employment, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Shanelle M. Avatar
Shanelle M.

I have always been pleased with the opportunities and recruiters at Bilingual Source over the years whereby I have been searching for employment. In particular, Michael Walsh is one of the recruiters I would like to bring attention to in that he is understanding of the candidates needs. He is polished and professional. He has been hands on during my recent search. I would recommend Bilingual Source to any prospecting employers and candidates. Merci a tous! Vaneeta

Vaneeta M. Avatar
Vaneeta M.

Recently got my first job in Toronto from the company. Especially with the help and advice of Jason Dunn who understood my specifications of what I needed. Great listener and always prompt in giving feedback and answering to all queries and doubts. Wonderful experience to deal with him all through the process.

neelam r. Avatar
neelam r.

Working with Bilingual Source and Vernon Carbonell was inspiring and motivating throughout my job hunt. He helped me find the right opportunities for my goals and helped me find my current job. The process was easy and professional. I am very happy and excited about this position as it this opportunity provided everything I was looking for for the next step in my career. Thank you very much for your help!

Rachel B. Avatar
Rachel B.

I had a great experience working alongside Brendan at Bilingual Source. Their team is dedicated to matching you with the right employers. They were able to secure me several interviews with some very reputable, industry-leading companies. I'd definitely recommend.

Nicolas V. Avatar
Nicolas V.

I had a great experience with Anita. She reviewed my resume, then we had a very pleasant conversation, which was not like a interview. After evaluating my qualifications and client's needs, she recommended me to the client, and then I got the interview from Skype, which totally took 4 work days. She was so amazing, and I will highly recommend Anita and Bilingual Source. Thank you!

Shunlai W. Avatar
Shunlai W.

I consider John Andrade as a professional of high caliber. He is trustworthy and finds what is better for the candidate. He does his best to find the right candidate a suitable job and job environment. I had to ask his company services 2 times. He succeeded in placing me each time with a great company. I am grateful for his services.

Mikati M. Avatar
Mikati M.

Great place and great staff. John was supportive in every aspect. Aside from helping me get the job that I wanted he also gave tips on how to really ace an interview and make the best out of every situation.

Gayane G. Avatar
Gayane G.

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