I was in contact with a lady from bilingual source. She did an interview with me and she gave me a list of jobs that are related to my resume. She promised me a lot of job interviews, after pulling out 2-3 pages of jobs that she had in mind, but I was very disappointed because she never got back to me for months. She was hard to communicate with and as a student who is graduating in June 2019, I lost hope. I pretty much didn’t see a bright future for myself anymore.

However, Mark Payne then came to my rescue unexpectedly. I didn’t know who he was, I never heard about him before at that point. Mark was very friendly when he introduced himself to me on the phone, even on email. You can tell how genuine he is. It was really nice to know that he reviewed my resume thoroughly and he actually looked through all of my previous jobs, one by one. He noticed that I was working for a certain company and he called to see if I’m still interested in applying for a job related to the same industry that I have experience in. After my approval, he booked an appointment for me at an amazing company that I currently work at and I could never thank him enough. I highly recommend contacting Mark Payne for any bilinguals who are looking for jobs. Mark my words, Mark Payne will not disappoint you as long as you work together with him as a team and you can honestly reach out to him at any time and he’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. He’s always willing to take any steps to help those who genuinely want a job. Mark Payne is indeed the best!

U S. Avatar
U S.
11 May 2019

Over the past month and a half I've been recommended numerous positions by Mahdi Jaffar. He never stopped working around the clock to help find me a job in which works best with my availability and resources available (transit, cost, etc.). He helped me recently land a position and I wouldn't have gotten there without him. Thank you Mahdi!

Jeremy T. Avatar
Jeremy T.
29 Apr 2019

Ashley Busse from Bilingual Source is one of the best recruiters with whom I've worked. She helped me quickly find a job after being relocated to a city that was too far of a commute in my current role, and was able to provide me with jobs that fit my skill set. She is proactive and sends out follow-up emails to all her existing and previous clients to let us know she is available if and when we need her. Ashley is one of those people who takes initiative, proactively reaches out to ensure your well-being and conducts herself professionally and with integrity. The whole Bilingual Source team is great to work with, but I worked closely with Ashley and would recommend working with her to help you find a job any day!

Hazar A. Avatar
Hazar A.
14 Mar 2019

I attribute my successful career to Ashley Busse, who I've worked with for over 5 years now. She has been my go-to for 2 major career steps. She is the easiest person to work with, never pushes you into anything so you don't feel like you're just a commission check, or that you're being pushed into a role you don't want, which I have experience before with other agencies. Ashley and Bilingual Source have been so amazing, I will continue to look to them for support and guidance in the future, and am very grateful for them and the effect they have had on my professional career.

Andrea R. Avatar
Andrea R.
19 Mar 2019

I had an amazing experience with Bilingual Source! Very professional people that had my best interest at heart. I would recommend this agency to any bilingual professional looking to advance their career.

Anne G. Avatar
Anne G.
14 Mar 2019

For my part I worked with Anita Nandan, and she is just awesome. She provides precious information & guidance. The follow up is done properly, she makes sure to give all details about the job, and she is very efficient. I can tell that Bilingual Source offers great job opportunities with good employers. I strongly recommend their services ! They really care about working with you, supporting you, and getting you the job that matches with your career goals.

Axelle H. Avatar
Axelle H.
14 Mar 2019

I had a great experience with Anita. She reviewed my resume, then we had a very pleasant conversation, which was not like a interview. After evaluating my qualifications and client's needs, she recommended me to the client, and then I got the interview from Skype, which totally took 4 work days. She was so amazing, and I will highly recommend Anita and Bilingual Source. Thank you!

Shunlai W. Avatar
Shunlai W.
13 Mar 2019

After months of searching for a job on my own, I was introduced to Mark Payne. He helped me find the perfect role within a couple of weeks and was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. I'd highly recommend.

Maud S. Avatar
Maud S.
28 Mar 2019

I was unhappy in a dead end job so I reached out to Bilingual Source and was connected with Elise. She was an incredible help and got the process started incredibly quickly. Within 24 hours I had several job leads, and a few scheduled interviews. Within a week I had completed a first round of interviews for several positions, and by the end of week 2, I had an offer for a job with better pay, a better schedule and a better work conditions than the job I had been working at for almost 2 years. Elise was incredibly helpful, proactive and professional. I have never had such a positive experience with a recruiter and I highly recommend working with them if you're bilingual and looking for a job, or are unhappy with your current role. They will search within your criteria and work incredibly hard to get you that job you deserve. Big Thanks for Bilingual Source and Elise for such an incredible experience.

Luke A. Avatar
Luke A.
14 Mar 2019

Mark Payne reached out to me regarding an opportunity that turned out to be a really good fit. He was very professional, and helped me through all of their processes. Not only does Mark have an eagle-eye for potential matches, he is also discrete and knowledgeable. Thanks Mark!

Natalie K. Avatar
Natalie K.
01 Mar 2019

Friendly and helpful staff that do all they can to put you to work asap. Mark Payne is simply fantastic. I enjoyed his fast respond time to my emails and overall customer service. He helped me with a job within a week. Keep it up!

Karim H. Avatar
Karim H.
29 Apr 2019

I have been contacted by recruiters in the past with opportunities, but Vernon Campbell was the only one who set up a call to discuss my goals and what I was looking for in a job. He understood that a new job is not only for the position, but also for the environment. He was able to set up interviews and prepped very well before and after the interviews. I was offered a new job within a couple of weeks and am really enjoying my current job. I would love to work with him again in the future and would definitely recommend Vernon at Bilingual Source!

Chandni M. Avatar
Chandni M.
17 Mar 2019

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